Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Caroler designs, requests, repairs and more!

Do you repair damaged Carolers?

We gladly repair simple, reasonable repairs, mostly Caroler Heads and Caroler Bases. We cannot repair damage caused by animals, even from a family pet. If you have a question if a certain repair can be done by Byers' Choice, it would be best to submit a repair assessment here: https://www.byerschoice.com/repair-assessment and include a picture of the damages to so that they can determine if a repair is possible.

I have a damaged Kindle. Can it be fixed?
Unfortunately, Kindles cannot be repaired. Once the Kindles have been created, they cannot be changed or repaired because of the materials and techniques involved.

To hide a broken finger, try posing him with a hidden hand behind an accessory or tucked up the other sleeve.

However, for minor face touch-ups,  flesh-colored paint is available as part of the Touch Up Kit that can be purchased on our website.

How should I store my Carolers?
The Caroler Condo storage unit is a perfect and practical way of storing your Carolers. Each one can hold 12 Carolers and the dividers are flexible enough that they can be bent to accommodate a Caroler with a larger accessory or fuller body.

Can I purchase replacement clothing for my Caroler?

Unfortunately, we do not sell replacement clothing for our Caroler designs. The clothing for our Carolers is actually simulated. The sleeves, for example, are not sewn into the jacket. The craftsman who does the final assembly receives two cylindrical pieces of fabric for the sleeves, a rectangular collar, and one of many shapes used for a jacket. The artisan must drape these parts on the body, and with the use of glue and pins, shape the pieces to simulate a jacket.

My Caroler's mitten has fallen off. What should I do?
To re-attach the mitten: Dab the end of the Caroler's “hand” with some tacky glue.  Leaving the mitten inside out, start to roll it up the tip of the Caroler's hand.  It will automatically turn itself right side out without unraveling the seams.  Tuck the raw edges under the sleeve of the Caroler to hide uneven portion of the mitten. If the Caroler had a cuff of some type, you can re-adhere and set in place with a small pin.

How big are the Caroler Figurines?

The sizes of our Caroler have remained the same year after year.

  • Adult size range 12-13" tall.
  • Child size range 9-10" tall.
  • Our Toddlers are 5 1/2-6" tall.

I recently inherited a collection of older Byers' Choice Carolers. Can you help identify them?

Retired Caroler designs are shown on our web-site on the “Old Friends Look Up” section. You can search designs by the year shown on the bottom of each base. By clicking on the individual line, you can view a picture, which may be helpful for identification.

My Caroler has no hang tag. Should it have one?

Hang tags are put on some of our Carolers. Sometimes it is to recognize a specific series (for example the Salvation Army Series or Cries of London).  Other times we would include one for an exclusive design such as Williamsburg or if the Caroler has a special story to tell. 

Can I order a Singing Dog or Singing Cat to match my pet?

Quite often many are looking to find a Byers' Choice dog that matches their own dog.  While we make a Caroling dog it is always difficult to match them precisely to what a consumer's pet looks like.  The best advice we can give is ask at your local Byers' Choice retailer.  They get an assortment of Caroling pets and very often can help you find yours. The accessories decorating our dogs constantly change.   If you need a list of dealers in your area you can click on our website's Store Locator or simply take a look on our website for the current styles and breeds available. 

Can I purchase Touch-Up paint for my Singing Dog or Singing Cat?

We do not have Touch Up Paint for the Dogs and Cats.  This is because each of our Air Brush artisans mixes their own paint for the particular style.  We touch up our in-house repairs with a matching water based marker dabbed lightly to cover the surface and then blend with a slightly moistened finger tip. This should work just fine! If it is a chipped ear or nose, unfortunately there is nothing that will adhere to fill the broken plaster. We can re-glue the animal back on a base if it has broken off.

Are Byers' Choice Gift Certificates / Gift Cards available for purchase?

Gift Certificates / Gift Cards are available to order through the Byers' Choice Gift Shop for use only at the Byers' Choice Gift Shop located in Chalfont, Pa. For information, please call the Gift Shop at 215-822-0150.


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