Repair Assessment

Repair Assessment

No matter how careful you are, sometimes a Caroler® will be in need of repair.

Fortunately, some minor damage can easily be repaired at home. We can supply simple materials and advice so that you can perform the easiest repairs at home. This is the fastest way to return your Caroler to health and avoids any potential damage that could occur during shipment.

Repair Tips

Here is a list of handy, do-it-yourself repair tips:

  • If a mitten has fallen off your Caroler, try rolling up the very end of the mitten then sliding it under the cuff. Unroll the end and either pin or glue it in place.

  • If a shoe has fallen off, use a little bit of white craft glue to secure the shoe to the base. If a shoe is broken, please contact us and we will send you a new shoe as soon as possible. Please note that a broken boot must be returned to the factory for repair.

  • A scuffed shoe can be fixed with black permanent marker.

  • Small chips on the base can be smoothed with a nail file and colored in with a felt-tip marker.

  • If the paint is scratched on a Caroler Face or Base, you might be interested in our Caroler Touch-Up Kit which includes bottles of black, flesh and green paint.

  • To return cheeks to a rosy color, apply some powder blush with a soft cotton-tipped applicator.

  • To curl a scroll, roll the end around a round pencil.

  • Many accessories that become unattached can be fixed by applying a small amount of white craft glue.

If you are beyond despair and do not know what to do to fix your Caroler, please click for a Free Repair Assessment. Sometimes, a Caroler needs extra attention to improve its condition. In these cases, if you are willing to send your Caroler to our Repair Department, we will be happy to fix it to the best of our ability.

A few items to note:

  • Some breakage is beyond our ability to repair. In such cases, we will return the Caroler to you in the same condition that we received it.

  • If an original part or piece is no longer available, we will substitute a comparable item. If you do not want this, please indicate what restrictions you would like us to replace.

  • Please do not send in Carolers that have been damaged by an animal, even a beloved pet. We are unable to repair animal damage.

Do you have a favorite Caroler that has been slightly damaged and is in need of repair? Many times there are simple tricks that can be done at home. This video covers many of the most common issues:




If the damage to your Caroler is more extensive, you are welcome to fill out the form below to receive a FREE repair assessment. We’ll review your request to see if we can help. Although some damages are beyond our abilities, we will be happy to try to help repair a favorite Caroler. Many repairs can be done for free or a modest fee along with return shipping and handling costs (approx. $12.50).

NOTE: All repairs sent to Byers’ Choice will now require a completed repair authorization form with a receipt that S&H fees have been paid. Start by filling out the information below. We will need a separate form for each Caroler in need of repair.

Free Repair Assessment

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