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In celebration of the Thanksgiving tradition, these Carolers depict Pilgrim and Native American families as they gather for the first Thanksgiving celebration at the end of the settler’s first harvest in the New World in 1621. The Pilgrims left England to practice their religion free of the Anglican Church, but when they arrived in North America, they were ill prepared for the harsh climate and rugged terrain. With help from the local Native American tribes, the Pilgrims survived their first year in the New World, and in 1621 held a great feast to give thanks for their new friends and their bounteous harvest. During their first winter in New England, where they were unprepared to live, the Pilgrim settlers were sustained by the generosity of the Patuxent Native American tribe. Come spring, a member of the tribe named Squanto, who spoke English, taught the Pilgrims how to grow native crops and hunt native animals. That autumn, following a bounteous harvest, the Native Americans joined the Pilgrims for a harvest feast.

Native American Girl

10" Tall

Condition: New
In 1621, after reaping their first harvest, the Pilgrims celebrated the fruits of their labor with fellow Colonists and Native American friends at a three-day feast.

Native American Girl

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