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Byers' Choice Colonial Flower Woman Caroler Figurine-5214W-Colonial Williamsburg Collection-2014

Bird feeders in Colonial days were quite different compared to those from modern times. Clay bottles hung under the eaves of colonial homes. The bottles had a tab with a small hole at the base of the entry area that held a twig that encouraged small birds to perch and linger. Though it's tempting to attribute their use to an enthusiasm for bird watching, bird bottles served a more practical purpose: nesting birds made ideal insect control around homes, kitchens, and stables! Byers' Choice Caroler figurines are handcrafted in Bucks County, PA – Proudly Made in the USA. The Carolers are an American Holiday Tradition that have been sharing Christmas Memories with families since 1978.

Colonial Flower Woman

13” Tall

Condition: New
This Colonial Flower Woman loves Spring and the singing of the winter-resident birds is among the first signs that Spring is around the corner. She carries a traditional clay bird bottle, which has made a happy home for small birds since 1699.

Colonial Flower Woman

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