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Straw ornaments have long been a traditional Christmas decoration in Scandinavia. Most people will have at least a few on their Christmas trees to decorate, and in some towns the citizens have been known to erect large straw statues of the Yule Goat, a traditional Scandinavian Christmas figure.

The Yule Goat goes back centuries and has played many roles, from the bringer of gifts at Yuletide to a mischievous winter prankster. Today some people still take pleasure in age-old tricks involving the Yule Goat, such as stealing a neighbor's and hiding it somewhere it will surprise them to find it before Christmas.

Straw decorations in Scandinavia go back to the tradition called "The Remembrance of the Birds."; On Christmas Day, farmers would take the last sheaf of grain from the summer harvest (set aside and carefully saved for just this purpose) and use it to decorate above the gates and doorways of their farms so that the birds might eat the grain.

Woman with Straw Ornament

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This handsome family visits the Christmas market and purchases traditional straw ornaments for their Christmas tree.

Woman with Straw Ornament

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