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Byers' Choice Red Velvet Santa with Magic Key Caroler Figurine-3161A-Santa Collection-2014

Around the world, “Santa” is known by many names—Father Christmas, Saint Nick, Santa Claus—and takes many forms. Every Christmas, we like to take a look at different versions of Santa Claus from around the world. Byers' Choice Caroler figurines are handcrafted in Bucks County, PA – Proudly Made in the USA. The Carolers are an American Holiday Tradition that have been sharing Christmas Memories with families since 1978.

Red Velvet Santa w/Magic Key

13” Tall

Condition: New

Availability: In stock

Christmas is a magical time of year. But sometimes even Santa needs a little help! This Santa holds a magic key that will help him easily get into homes with no chimneys on Christmas Eve.

Red Velvet Santa w/Magic Key

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