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This Woman with French Lavender was designed in the spirit of the santons of Provence, France. These terracotta figurines are traditional hand painted members of nativity scenes.

Santons, or "Little saints"; date back to the French revolution, when they were first created by an artist from Marseillais after large, church-sponsored nativity scenes were shut down and banned by the government. Santons are made by a santonnier, a trade often passed down from parents to their children, whom they teach the different arts of Santon making, from sculpting to painting.

A traditional Provencal crèche features 55 santons, each representing a different aspect of village life, such as the fishwife, the blind man, and the chestnut seller, all organized around the central scene of the nativity.

2013 Woman w/ French Lavender

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13" tall On March 18th, Byers'; Choice invited our best local retailers to participate in an Open House Event at our Christmas Museum in Chalfont, PA. A number of special limited figures were offered as a special "Thank you" for their support. Joyce created these new designs to celebrate the 2013 Spring season. **NOTE: Each LIMITED piece is personally signed by Joyce Byers (All Open House figures except Santas and Cart)

2013 Woman w/ French Lavender

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