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Byers' Choice Family Decorating Woman Caroler Figurine-102W-Specialty Families-2014

In early America, Christmas celebrations centered on friends, family, fun and food—much like our festivities do today. Early settlers in America brought Christmas traditions from the "Old World" to the new, celebrating the holiday as they did back home. Churches were often decorated for Christmas while individual homes were decorated less frequently and more sparsely. Christmas decorations of the time involved natural materials such as holly, mistletoe, bay, and evergreen. While decorated trees as a part of Christmas celebrations appeared in Germany as early as the 16th century, the Christmas tree did not become a fixture in American holiday homes until well after Queen Victoria's family was pictured with a decorated Christmas tree in 1848. Early trees were ornamented with candles, apples, nuts, and homemade decorations. Byers' Choice Caroler figurines are handcrafted in Bucks County, PA – Proudly Made in the USA. The Carolers are an American Holiday Tradition that have been sharing Christmas Memories with families since 1978.

Family Decorating Woman

13” Tall

Condition: New

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This family shares in the tradition of decorating for Christmas every December. Wreaths, gold ribbons, gingerbread and pincecones are just a few of their holiday décor staples!

Family Decorating Woman

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