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Category: A Christmas Carol

DIckens' magical tale comes to life with this collection.

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  1. Scrooge



    “If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips, should be boiled in his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart!” Learn More
  2. Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim

    Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim


    Bob Cratchit, Scrooge’s underpaid, under-appreciated clerk, works long and hard in Scrooge’s counting house to provide even a meager living for the family he so loves, and he does his best to care for crippled Tiny Tim, his son. The sight of Bob’s love for his family helps stir Scrooge from his miserly ways and teach him the true meaning of Christmas. Learn More
  3. Mrs. Cratchit

    Mrs. Cratchit


    Mrs. Cratchit’s plum pudding is the highlight of her family’s Christmas dinner, that is, of course, supposing no one got over the wall of the back-yard and stole it! Learn More
  4. Marley's Ghost

    Marley's Ghost


    Appearing in Scrooge’s bedroom in the clattering, ghostly chain, it is Marley’s ghost that heralds the arrival of the three Spirits of Christmas and warns Scrooge to take heed of their message, lest he, too, be doomed to walk the earth while he wears “the chain he forged in life” by his years of greed and anger. Learn More
  5. Spirit Christmas Present

    Spirit of Christmas Present


    “Come in and know me better man,” shouts the Spirit of Christmas Present to welcome Scrooge into his holiday festivities. The second of the ghosts to visit Scrooge, the jolly giant bears a cornucopia overflowing with plenty and a cup from which he sprinkles the warmth of the Christmas spirit on all those he and Scrooge visit. Learn More
  6. Spirit of Christmas Future

    Spirit of Christmas Future


    Dark and foreboding, the final spirit to visit Scrooge “seemed to scatter gloom and mystery” where ever it went. Mute, the spirit leads Scrooge through a Christmas Eve scene of the not-too-distant future, one when Scrooge himself has died, alone and un-mourned due to his own foul nature, and when Tiny Tim has died because of Scrooge’s greed. Learn More
  7. Mr. Fezziwig

    Mr. Fezziwig


    Jolly, friendly, and spirited, Mr. Fezziwig is everything his young apprentice, Scrooge, is not. When Scrooge visits him with the Spirit of Christmas Past, he admonishes his employees for even thinking of working on Christmas Eve, in stark contrast to Scrooge’s own harsh reaction when Bob Cratchit asks to spend Christmas day with his family. Learn More
  8. Mrs. Fezziwig

    Mrs. Fezziwig


    The perfect match for her husband, Mrs. Fezziwig knows how to fill a room with Christmas cheer—and how to throw a Christmas ball that all her husband’s employees love, even young Ebenezer Scrooge. Learn More

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