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Santa has always had trouble with houses that don't have a fireplace. It used to be that every house on the block had a chimney; he could land his reindeer up on the roof and shimmy down the chimney into the living room to deliver his presents and then dart back up it again without anyone being any the wiser. Nowadays, Santa's had to start getting creative. He's been swizzling his way in through the radiator when he can't find a proper chimney, but that's a tight squeeze for a big man like Santa!

Santa wanted to make sure he could get into every house with good little girls and boys in it to deliver their presents (and make sure he doesn't get stuck doing it!), so he's started making these special keys. Each one is enchanted. If you hang it on your doorknob before going to bed on Christmas Eve, it'll let Santa open your door and deliver your presents. Don't forget to leave him a plate of milk and cookies to thank him!

Magic Santa Key

4.5" Tall

Condition: New

Availability: Sold Out

Sold Out

If you do not have a chimney, place this magic key outside on Christmas Eve for Santa to come through the front door!

Magic Santa Key

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