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  1. English Mailbox (ships 1/25)

    English Mailbox


    The new Postman for 2016 looks great standing next to an English mailbox.  His sack is a little fuller this time of year with the addition of holiday greetings and children’s letters to Santa. Learn More
  2. Wire Music Stand (ships 1/25)

    Wire Music Stand


    This Wire Music Stand is a great addition to your Caroler displays. Learn More
  3. Silver Hoop Tree (ships 3/1)

    Silver Hoop Tree


    This three-tier Silver Hoop Tree is a wonderful way to expand your Holiday Display. Three rings of silver garland is tied together with red ribbons, bows and glass ornaments. Learn More
  4. Street Clock

    Street Clock


    Our Street Clock adds interest and variety to your Caroler displays; Requires one "N"; battery -; not included Learn More
  5. Caroler Condo Storage Box

    Caroler Condo Storage Box


    A tidy little home for your Carolers! Safely store your collection until the next time you put it on display. Stores 12 Caroler figurines; made of sturdy cardboard with protective vinyl cover. Learn More
  6. Coach



    Travel in the 1800s was very different than it is today. Without cars, people traveled by foot, horse or stagecoach. In 1861, Mark Twain describes the stagecoach in his book “Roughing It” as a cradle on wheels. In fact, because of its unique construction, the stagecoach rocked as it moved instead of bouncing on steel springs. However, many of Twain’s fellow travelers might have disagreed — poor weather, uneven roads, and the fear of bandits made stagecoach travel anything but comfortable! Learn More
  7. Door



    Our green door with holiday wreath is the perfect backdrop for any Caroler grouping display. Learn More
  8. Red Wagon with Toys

    Red Wagon with Toys


    Special gifts for the good children have been purchased and placed in this red wagon for the ride home. Learn More
  9. Milk & Cookies on Table

    Milk & Cookies on Table


    Every Christmas Eve, Santa enjoys a sweet snack of milk and cookies from adoring children around the world. Size: 6" high Learn More
  10. Wrought Iron Fence

    Wrought Iron Fence


    Our decorated wrought iron fence adds seasonal spirit and warm feelings to your Caroler displays; plastic. Learn More
  11. Fireplace with Candelabrum

    Fireplace with Candelabrum


    Our Fireplace makes the perfect addition to your Caroler displays; candelabrum included. Learn More
  12. Decorated Tree with Lights

    Decorated Tree with Lights


    Decorating the Christmas tree is a family tradition enjoyed around the world. This Victorian Christmas tree is beautifully decorated in classic glass ornaments; requires 3 AA batteries. Learn More

Showing 1-12 of 36 Results

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