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The wind blows through the bare tree branches scattering flakes of snow his way and that as they fall to the ground and pile up in huge drifts up to the windowsill.

There's no better place to be than inside and warm. Gather around the roaring fire in the hearth with your family. Make a steaming pot of hot cocoa and huddle under the blankets on the sofa as dad reads a story aloud and mom works on her knitting. The kids are on the floor with a hundred colorful pieces between them. The picture on the puzzle is just starting to take shape; the edges are all done, and you can just start to make out what the picture's supposed to be.

Caroler Jigsaw Puzzle


Condition: New

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The Carolers®; Christmas Puzzle; Over 500 interlocking pieces.

Caroler Jigsaw Puzzle

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