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  1. Amish Woman

    Amish Woman


    This Amish Woman is dressed in a simple traditional style of clothing, avoiding all but the most basic ornamentation. Learn More
  2. Amish Man

    Amish Man


    This Amish Man is dressed in a simple traditional style of clothing, avoiding all but the most basic ornamentation. Learn More
  3. Amish Girl

    Amish Girl


    Our Amish Girl carries a simple straw broom — ready to start the day's chores. Learn More
  4. Amish Boy

    Amish Boy


    It's the simple things in life that are special - a day of fishing on a sunny afternoon! Learn More
  5. Amish Shopping Woman

    Amish Shopping Woman


    This Amish Shopping Woman heads home after a busy day in town. Learn More
  6. Amish Shopping Man

    Amish Shopping Man


    This Amish Shopping Man has had a successful day at the market! Learn More
  7. Ben Franklin with Quill

    Ben Franklin with Quill


    One of our Founding Fathers, Franklin was also a notable scientist, statesman, inventor and activist. Learn More
  8. Daughter with Teddy Bear

    Daughter with Teddy Bear


    Enjoying a spot of tea is a favored English pastime and this sweet little girl is preparing for the monthly Mother/Daughter Tea Club. Learn More
  9. Pink Ribbon Woman

    Pink Ribbon Woman


    13" tall On March 18th, Byers'; Choice invited our best local retailers to participate in an Open House Event at our Christmas Museum in Chalfont, PA. A number of special limited figures were offered as a special "Thank you" for their support. Joyce created these new designs to celebrate the 2013 Spring season. ** NOTE: LIMITED piece is personally signed by Joyce Byers (All Open House figures except Santas and Cart) Learn More
  10. Caroler Jigsaw Puzzle

    Caroler Jigsaw Puzzle


    The Carolers®; Christmas Puzzle; Over 500 interlocking pieces. Learn More
  11. Glass Pickle Ornament

    Glass Pickle Ornament


    The German glass pickle ornament is considered a special decoration by many families where the Christmas tree is decorated on Christmas eve. The glass Christmas pickle ornament is always the last glass ornament to be hung on the Christmas tree among the other glass ornaments. The child who finds the glass pickle ornament on Christmas morning receives an extra little gift! Ornament is packaged in glass jar. Learn More
  12. Magic Santa Key

    Magic Santa Key


    If you do not have a chimney, place this magic key outside on Christmas Eve for Santa to come through the front door! Learn More
  13. Touch-Up Kit

    Caroler Touch-Up Kit


    This kit contains small bottles of black, green and flesh paints to help with minor repairs/scratches/chips. Learn More

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