Byers' Choice Caroling Man Figurine-116-Assorted Carolers-2014

Each caroler has a little bit of their own special character to them. It could be a look in the eye or a slight tilt of the head or even just the way they stand, but there's always something that makes each caroler unique, even within a group.

Every Caroler is painted, built, and dressed entirely by hand based off of one of Joyce Byers' original designs. Throughout the process, our artisans each put a little bit of themselves into every caroler they make, which we think is part of what makes them so special! Take a look and see if you can find one that reminds you of someone you know. Byers' Choice Caroler figurines are handcrafted in Bucks County, PA – Proudly Made in the USA. The Carolers are an American Holiday Tradition that have been sharing Christmas Memories with families since 1978.

Caroling Man

13" Tall


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