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  1. Popcorn Machine

    Popcorn Machine


    Popcorn machines have been delighting families with the warm buttery kernels since the late 1800s. However, popcorn isn't just for eating. Over the years, popcorn has been used in a variety of ways including decorative garland to go on the Christmas tree! Learn More
  2. Deck the Halls Santa

    Deck the Halls Santa


    This Santa is ready to deck the halls with Christmas ornaments and holly — fa la la la la, la la la la! Learn More
  3. Valentine Girl 2015

    Valentine Girl 2015


    Our Valentine Girl for 2015 is smartly dressed in a bright red blouse and white eyelet skirt. She holds a bouquet of flowers from her admirer along with a heart shaped valentine pendant. She will be available to order on 1/23/15 Learn More
  4. Irish Santa

    Irish Santa


    This Santa is donning his Irish pride with a green velvet cape decorated with traditional shamrocks — a popular symbol of Ireland. Learn More
  5. Irish Mrs. Claus

    Irish Mrs. Claus


    This year, An Irish Mrs. Claus joins Santa to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some Traditional Celtic music played on her Harp. Learn More
  6. Leprechaun



    Legend tells us that every Leprechaun keeps his own pot of gold that a human can win if he succeeds in capturing one, a very tricky task indeed! Once you do catch one, be sure not to take your eyes off him for even a second, or else he’ll vanish into thin air. Learn More
  7. Spring Woman with Daffodils

    Spring Woman with Daffodils


    Daffodils are always a welcoming first sign of Spring! This lovely lady is back from a day of picking fresh Daffodils to brighten up her kitchen table. If you come to visit us in Bucks County, Pa this spring, you’ll see more than a million daffodils in bloom. It’s quite a sight. Learn More
  8. Spring Boy with Flowers

    Spring Boy with Flowers


    Retailers Only

    Our 2015 Spring Boy is dressed in a bright plaid shirt with a straw hat and an armful of flowers. Surely he’s been out looking for the perfect surprise to thank mom on Mother’s Day. Learn More
  9. Flower Cart

    Flower Cart


    We love to include accessories to put the finishing touches on our Caroler displays. The Daffodil Fence and Metal Flower Cart will work beautifully into your Spring décor. Learn More
  10.  Woman with Daffodils

    Woman with Daffodils


    Retailers Only

    Daffodils are a welcoming sign of Spring! This lovely lady is clothed in fresh Spring greens as she gathers flowers for her home. Learn More
  11. Daffodil Fence

    Daffodil Fence


    Our Daffodil Fence is the perfect accessory for your Spring displays. Learn More
  12. Easter Girl 2015

    Easter Girl 2015


    This year’s Easter kids are dressed in their Sunday best. The young boy is determined to collect the most eggs during the annual Easter Egg Hunt while the girl is content nibbling on her chocolate Easter Bunny. Learn More

Showing 13-24 of 30 Results

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