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Properly cleaning and storing your Caroler collection will keep it in tip-top shape for years to come!

Carolers on displayCleaning

If you love having your Carolers on display for friends and family to enjoy, your figurines will need to be freshened up from time to time. A lint brush or the small attachment for the vacuum cleaner can help to remove loose fur or dust from clothes. To dust the faces, try a small cosmetic brush and clean gently.

If your figurine’s hair becomes too frizzy, spray lightly with a little hair spray. If a skirt gets wrinkled or a jacket gets mussed while packed away, use a hand-held clothes steamer to ease out the wrinkles.

Caroler on displayStorage

Avoid damp areas when storing your Carolers —no basements or attics. High humidity can cause metal parts to rust or mold to grow on some fabrics. Blot away any excess water if your Caroler should happen to get wet, and dry with a blow dryer on the lowest setting.

If your Caroler comes in a clear plastic sleeve/bag, you can store it in this bag to keep the dust away. However, do not close/seal the bag airtight.

It’s a good idea to keep your Carolers safely stored well out of reach of any inquisitive pets. Cats and dogs have been known to be attracted to some of the materials in the Carolers and to chew them up.

Mice are also attracted to the Carolers, and find that their tissue paper bodies make great materials for nest building. If you wrap your Carolers in tissue paper, adding a few mothballs to the packing box will keep these rodents away.  Avoid storing your Carolers in cedar, as the wood has been known to dissolve the paint on Carolers’ faces. Finally, avoid displaying them in bright sunlight. Prolonged exposure will fade the clothing and face paint.

It’s important to store the Caroler figurines in a standing position. The house boxes and Caroler Condo storage box are perfect for this. The Caroler Condo has partitions which keep the Carolers from bumping into one another. Crushed paper can be placed under skirts to help them hold their shape, but wrapping them in paper may crush the fabric. If a hat brim gets crushed, carefully manipulate the felt or gently iron.